Why We Celebrate Architecture Week

Posted by Admin on May 3, 2019 1:37:23 PM


This week, we take a moment to celebrate and reflect on architecture through the annual ‘Architecture Week’. We recognize good design, architecture’s ability to transform places and to be inclusive, to be innovative and to be resilient. 


Architecture is inclusive. Good design is not a privilege but a right. When design is thoughtful, specific and follows the principles of architecture, it addresses the needs of the user and the results are beautiful. Good design is not a luxury but a necessity as it impacts our lives and our interface with the physical world.


Architecture is innovative. Architecture evolves with time. From the process of creating and generating architecture, to the methods of communicating design, to the methods of construction, we are constantly evolving how we think about architecture. Technological advancement may impact progress, but a good space is timeless. 


Architecture is resilient. Architecture has the ability to withstand the test of time, despite physical threats like water and fire. Through codes and means and methods, architecture can withstand these ever-present threats. In the state of Florida, we are currently addressing resiliency against tidal flooding, sea level rise, storm surge and urban runoff. Architecture has the ability to address these needs. Last month, we saw fire devastate an architectural icon, the Notre Dame of Paris, built before the threat of fire was considered as it is today. Now, lacking a roof, it is the job of architects to discover what the structure could be, and allow it to reinvent itself as an icon, as a place and as a space.


Architecture lends itself to explore what could be. Once implemented, it can have a profound, positive and phenomenological impact. This week, I invite you to visit your favorite work of architecture as I reflect on many great spaces and works of architecture, especially one of my favorites.



Pic - Suharmadji_JenniferWritten by Jennifer Suharmadji

Senior Architect


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