Are you calculating OEE accurately?

Posted by Admin on Mar 22, 2016 7:00:28 AM

Are you calculating OEE accurately?

 There are several high stake considerations consumer packaged goods (CPG) manufacturers must take into account when building and maintaining operations. Productivity of an operation can be measured using Overall Equipment Effectiveness or OEE. By using OEE, you can properly benchmark your equipment availability, operational performance and production quality. 

In a 2014 Haskell survey, 88% of participants said improving OEE was the biggest issue that needs to be addressed in their facility.

By maximizing the potential of your system, you can directly improve your OEE score, increase both production capacity and equipment availability, reduce costs and maximize output.

OEE is often perceived as a measurement of productivity, like a meter is a measurement of length, or a gallon is a measurement of volume. However, when properly implemented, OEE is actually a process through which an organization strives to improve its manufacturing operations.

In order to improve these operations that keep your system running at peak performance with the quality levels you require, you must first find out how you can calculate and use your OEE score.

Overall Equipment Effectiveness: The Simple (and Accurate) Definition

To help you through this process, Haskell's Matt Gulden and Bela Jacobson provide you with a paper that will:

  1. Define OEE succinctly 
  2. Provide examples of its contributing components, and
  3. Share best practices for calculating and implementing an OEE program.


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