Healthcare Path to Success Will Rely on Addressing Changes

Posted by Admin on Mar 18, 2016 8:12:26 AM

Healthcare Path to Success Will Rely on Addressing Changes


Most of the initial discussion surrounding the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) has focused on costs of providing insurance to every individual. Yet, healthcare providers realize the bigger issue may be adapting to the major disruption of their business models.


Healthcare providers are being challenged to be more accountable across the continuum of care than ever before.  With increased focus on patient outcomes, quality and reduced readmissions, providers are moving from the traditional fee-for-service model to a performance-based reimbursement structure often described as ‘value-based’ healthcare delivery. To remain viable business entities while still delivering quality patient care, healthcare providers will need to address fundamental changes.


Maintaining Quality With Reduced Income – With a concerted focus on reducing healthcare costs, providers will need to find ways to minimize operational costs, increase efficiency of care delivery and remain competitive through improved technology and capabilities.


Incorporating a Universally Acceptable System of Value Measurement – PPACA laws include a new patient satisfaction survey system. Providers will need to adapt in order to achieve a yet-to-be-determined mean-accepted definition of value care.


Maximizing ROI of New Technology/Treatment Options – Providers will need to be more certain in predicting return on investment in new technologies and/or treatment options.


Integrating Resources Accrued via Mergers and Acquisitions - As provider mergers and acquisitions continue, providers look for ways to control their destiny.  Many are positioning to preventative care, wellness, chronic disease management, primary care and even post-acute care services. Grappling with the infusion of newly integrated physicians and their practices into the providers’ system is yet another challenge to be dealt with as accountability is defined.


As can easily be seen, there is no shortage of new challenges for the provider of the future. There exists a need for internal and external partners such as Haskell who can help deliver accountability through certainty of outcomes. Haskell’s foundation as a design-builder inherently fosters accountability from its internal team composition and expertise to its owner contracts, technologies and efficiency tools.


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