Think Tank Summer Series: Revamp Your Water Reduction Plan

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Think Tank Summer Series: Revamp Your Water Reduction Plan


Do you remember those seemingly unsolvable word problems in grade school math? If not, here’s one to jog your memory.

If 71% of the globe is covered in water, 1% is accessible for human consumption and the global population is 7 billion in 2015, how much fresh water will be left once the population hits 9 billion in 2048?

Stumped? Most people are. Unfortunately, these are real statistics, but as manufacturers that use water daily, you can help shape what the answer will be.

The Current State of Water

Fresh water is the most precious natural resource on this planet. However, in developed countries, it is the one most taken for granted. A multi-year drought in the western United States and other parts of the world has brought mainstream media attention to how fragile our fresh water supplies really are. Just think about it. Chances are, your community, or one near you has a stressed water supply. 

Take Florida, for instance. Though it would seem water rich compared to drought stricken California, even Florida has major debates about successful management of fresh water supplies and the health of a fragile aquifer system

By adding two billion more people to the global population in 33 years, today’s water issues will be compounded by population growth, depleted aquifers and drought conditions.

How Manufacturers Can Help

In North America, three quarters of the fresh water supply goes to agriculture and industry and about 1% of it goes to human consumption. So what does that mean for manufacturers as it relates to the production of food? It means that you will eventually be tasked to implement methods to grow and process your food without jeopardizing the available drinking water.

Why not start now?

Introducing the Water Reduction Think Tank

In an effort to help manufacturers jump-start implementation of the right methods for their specific facilities, Haskell has partnered with several industry leaders to provide content focusing on three main focus areas for water consumption in the food and beverage processing environment:

  1. Water Entering the Plant – From tap water to reverse osmosis filtration. This area will focus on a strategy for selecting the right technologies to treat incoming water supplies.

  2. Cleaning and Processing in the Plant – This will be a deep dive into strategies for smarter water consumption in day-to-day plant operations.

  3. Treating the Liquid Waste Stream – The peculiarities of “waste” water in the food processing environment and why it’s not all waste will be discussed.

Think Tank final brand

Join us this summer as we explore the issues seen by experts, engineers, business leaders, the Government, and food processors in the race to reduce water consumption. As a part of the Think Tank, you will receive metrics that manufacturers, like you, can use to determine if your facility is above or below par compared to the rest of the industry. You will also be one of the first to know about groundbreaking technologies and methodologies to achieve better results on water consumption from experts who do it every day.

Become a Water Reduction Think Tanker

Our mission is to develop a way for manufacturers to have easy access to information that helps them conserve water for their plant and save water for years to come. 

All the latest water reduction content will be sent directly to your inbox throughout the summer once you fill out the form below. You can be as involved as you would like – you can share it, you can comment on it or you can just read. It’s up to you. 


Fill out the form to become a Think Tanker. 


Update: The Think Tank Summer Series has ended, but you can download the papers by filling out the form below.






Paul Tyler

Paul Tyler

Paul Tyler

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If you would like to learn more about this water reduction campaign or how you can start applying these methods now, please contact Haskell's Paul Tyler.

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