AIA Photography Contest Challenges Architects to Look Up

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AIA Photography Contest Challenges Architects to Look Up


Pictured from left to right: Jonathan Essa and Chris Allen

How does an architect find their inspiration? What do they do before they create a design?

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) believes that before design even begins, architects look up. They find inspiration and beauty by observing their surroundings. In 2014, AIA challenged members and architects around the world to look up and be inspired by launching their I Look Up campaign. Watch the video below to learn more.

Although created prior to the launch of the I Look Up campaign, the Jacksonville Chapter of AIA extends this idea by inspiring members to capture the brilliance of architecture through a photography contest. However, in 2015, the chapter decided to add a new Digital Visualization category to align with the progression of the industry.

Haskell’s Jonathan Essa, Design Associate and organizer of the AIA and Haskell sponsored contest, shares his excitement about this new addition, “This year we decided to mix it up! While we kept the always popular photography category, we also added a Digital Visualization category to showcase the digital talents that architects must possess in these modern times!”

Flagg Allen Alan Wilson

Pictured from left to right: Chris Flagg, Alan Wilson and Chris Allen

Haskell’s Roland Udenze and Chris Flagg were chosen as judges based on their experienced skill sets – Udenze in Digital Visualization and Flagg in Photography. In addition to these two categories, the contest also has a People’s Choice category, where members and supporters vote for their favorite.

Take a look at the winning photos below. Enjoy!

Four Heads A460Four Heads
Photography Winner
Alan Wilson, Haskell

Aquarium View Exterior Contest B PourchDowntown Aquarium
Digital Visualization Winner
Brandon Pourch, RS&H

Inspiring ReflectionsInspiring Reflections
People's Choice Winner
Renee Niepoetter, Haskell

Interested in seeing past contest winning photos? Take a look at the winners in 2014 and 2013.

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