How Nutrient Recovery Systems Offer Municipalities a Win-Win

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 What if the owners of municipalities could simultaneously help the environment and create a money revenue stream that could offset costs?


Nutrient recovery systems allow owners to do just that. In this blog, we'll use a recent Haskell project, the Opequon Water Reclamation Facility in Winchester, Virginia, to highlight the benefits of a nutrient recovery system.


Frederick-Winchester Service Authority (FWSA) Needs Cost-Effective Solution


In order to provide benefits to taxpayers, the Frederick-Winchester Service Authority (FWSA) needed to leverage project cost savings to cover its debt service. As a result, FWSA selected Haskell to deliver infrastructure improvements at the Opequon Water Reclamation Facility to stabilize rates for its customers and promote economic development in the Winchester, Frederick-County area.


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One Plant’s Trash is Another Plant’s Treasure


Phosphorous causes algae growth and reduces dissolved oxygen in waterways. It is also a rare element that is an essential ingredient for fertilizer and crop production. With this insight, the Haskell team commissioned an Ostara© Phosphorous recovery system that collects the majority of the phosphorous from the solids dewatering filtrate waste stream.


Pearls supersack.jpg

A 2,000 pound ‘supersack’ of highly prized phosphorous Pearls© that would have
ended up in the Chesapeake Bay. Learn more about Crystal Green


By utilizing the Ostara© process, the owner was able to recover the phosphorous in the form of Pearls© and sell it to local golf courses, farmers and nurseries. This easily became a win-win for the owner because removing these nutrients saves the waterways from environmental damage and develops an ongoing revenue stream to offset project and maintenance costs.


Download Opequon Water Reclamation  Facility Green Energy Project Details

Want to learn how you can utilize a nutrient recovery system in your facility? Contact Haskell wastewater expert, Bryan Bedell by email, 


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