The Hidden Net Zero Energy Savings in Parking Garages

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The Hidden Net Zero Energy Savings in Parking Garages

Parking garages. They may not always be the most glamorous job on a project, but how else could you optimize your site’s green space while having plenty of room to park?

Although some view parking garages as merely subservient to the rest of a project, it takes high quality materials and methods to design and build such a safe, stable environment. As a result, stair towers and lighting design that create a secure, well-lit environment can take more energy than you might imagine. 

Do you see why a parking garage can be often overlooked as an energy saving opportunity? 

Why Net Zero Energy Parking Garages?

The purpose of a Net Zero Energy Building, in general, is to produce as much or more energy in a year than it consumes. It allows clients to go beyond concepts to actual deliverable energy savings. Take a look at our Net Zero Energy Building Prototype here.

By having a Net Zero parking garage designed by the right team, you could have the ability to provide excess electricity to the main facility. Take a look at the case study below that did just that.

Case Study: MV-22 Parking Garage

Along with designing and building the largest Marine Corps facility in the world to date, the Haskell team also delivered an efficient LEED Gold four-story parking garage that provides energy savings to the base and community for years to come. 

MV 22 Parking

MV-22 Parking Garage | Read more about the complete project »

The project includes a 1,250 space Net Zero multi-level, precast concrete parking garage with a photovoltaic farm, access ramps and pile supported reinforced concrete foundations. The use of photovoltaic panels on the parking garage adds to the overall energy performance on the project.  

The rooftop location of the panels enhances sustainability of the project by creating on-site energy in an attractive and aesthetic manner without utilizing additional green space around the site. Ultimately, the Net Zero parking structure provides excess energy to the state-of-the-art hangar.

Interesting Facts about the MV-22 Net Zero Parking Garage:


Do you want to learn more about this project or discuss how you can build a Net Zero parking garage for your upcoming facility? Feel free to contact us.

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