DBIA Water/Wastewater Conference: Haskell Speaker Recap

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DBIA Water/Wastewater Conference: Haskell Speaker Recap

From March 17-19, the Haskell Water team participated in the 2014 DBIA Water/Wastewater Conference in San Jose, California. In addition to exhibiting, Haskell brought five speakers to the conference to discuss several water/wastewater topics. Four of our five speakers offer a recap of the conference and takeaways from their sessions.

Haskell's Bryan Bedell, Joe Kantor, Cheryl Robitzsch and Paul McElroy share their insights below.


Bryan Bedell

Bryan Bedell

Bryan Bedell, Water/Wastewater Division Leader
Speaker: Practitioner's Session

"The annual Design-Build for Water and Wastewater conference provides the ideal platform for education, collaboration and networking. This year’s conference focused on the application within the water market of the newly developed “Best Design-Build Practices.” These universally applicable guidelines are a wonderful tool to ensure that design-build is done right.

The conference provided an optimal arena to network with the ever-growing pool of design engineers and contractors becoming active within the design-build market. The day will come when design-build will no longer be viewed as alternative delivery, but as the preferred delivery method.

The Practitioner's Session focused on helping to guide both engineers and contractors on the optimal ways to assist owners in the proper application of design-build for their projects. I focused on the 3Ps of design-build: Progressive, Performance and Prescriptive and the pros and cons of each of these methods from both the design-builder and owner perspectives.  

The strongest takeaway from this session was the need for better design-build education of both owners and practitioners. A record number of owners took part in this year’s conference, illustrating the growth of the delivery method within the water market. As more and more municipal owners utilize design-build, the momentum to use this delivery method only increases, to the betterment of the industry as a whole."


Joe Kantor

Joe Kantor

Joseph Kantor, Project Manager 
Speaker: There's Got to be a Better Way: Lawsuit Leads to First Design-Build 

  "The biggest takeaway from my presentation was how UOSA began to embrace design-build. Traditionally an owner that procures using the design-bid-build project delivery method, UOSA has gotten through their initial skepticism of design-build and is now an advocate of the process to other owners.  

There seemed to be a new enthusiasm for design-build by the owners in attendance. The owners used the conference as an opportunity to learn and network with industry professionals to gain a greater insight into design-build, which is encouraging for the future of water/wastewater project delivery."    



Cheryl Robitzsch Headshot

Cheryl Robitzsch


Cheryl Robitzsch, Director of Design
Speaker: Delivering an Award-Winning Design-Build Project Despite a Prescriptive RFP

  "As more communities around the country recognize the benefits of design-build, practitioners must respond by educating owners. Ultimately, the owners want to know when to use design-build and how it demonstrates a tangible benefit to present to their board or council. This is why the 2014 DBIA Water/Wastewater Conference is the best project delivery conference in the nation for both owners and practitioners."



Paul McElroy Headshot

Paul McElroy

Paul McElroy, Director of Construction
Speaker: Progressive Design-Build Saves the Day and Millions

  "It was a pleasure to represent Haskell at the DBIA conference and present the Sandy Run Creek Water Pollution Control Plant Expansion Project. It gave Haskell the opportunity to share our team's experience and promote some of the best design-build delivery practices. To sit side by side with owners and potential clients and discuss how the design-build delivery process can benefit their community is invaluable.

I enjoy coming together with our fellow practitioners, whom we compete with on a daily basis, to share experiences, discuss common goals, and debate how we as a team can further educate the marketplace about design-build delivery."


If you would like to contact the speakers directly, please feel free to email them using the address underneath their picture. 

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