The U.S. Armed Forces Net Zero Vision

Posted by Admin on Mar 18, 2016 8:06:40 AM

The U.S. Armed Forces Net Zero Vision


photo courtesy of the U.S. Army


In many organizations, Net Zero only represents an idealistic principle—one that sounds great in concept, but becomes too challenging to implement in the “real world.” The future arrived nearly five years ago for the United States Armed Forces, and Net Zero became a force multiplier.


For the Armed Forces, addressing Net Zero is operationally necessary, financially prudent and essential to mission accomplishment. The U.S. Military has already made standard many green energy technologies. Electric vehicles have become the policy on domestic military bases. Solar power for use with equipment such as tents or other combat equipment has proven to provide practical benefits in spite of initial skepticism.


Now the armed forces will take a leadership role in implementing Net Zero as a standard while others are still learning what Net Zero truly means. A Net Zero Energy facility is capable of producing as much or more energy in a year than it consumes. Additionally, a true Net Zero concept also addresses water consumption and waste production. To achieve success; design professionals, constructors, and owners must focus on reducing, repurposing, recycling, energy recovery and disposal.


To achieve their goal, the U.S. Military will rely on trusted partners from within the private sector. Collaboration among the military and private sector fosters resource stewardship, cost management, and will provide Soldiers, Families and Civilians with a sustainable future.


Haskell joins the Military in a Net Zero Vision and has developed a Net Zero Energy Building Prototype. The Prototype employs innovative, cutting edge ways to reduce energy consumption that can be applied to larger real-life facilities.


To develop a realistic Net Zero Prototype, Haskell evaluated an existing LEED NC 2009 Silver certified building from a Net Zero perspective. We generated a revised practical design to ideally respond to the Net Zero goal. Drawing on our integrated design-build strength, in-house design and construction professionals provided real time feedback on feasibility and cost. To learn more about how the Net Zero philosophy can be applied to your facilities, contact Mark Higby at 904.791.4694 or email him at  

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