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With Risk Comes Reward, Right?

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5 Questions With Haskell Assistant Project Superintendent Kim Spain

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Kim Spain holds the position of assistant superintendent at Haskell, where she has been a member of the team since 1990. She is currently assigned to the Maryland Proton Treatment Center project in Baltimore.We asked Kim to share her thoughts on certain issues within the construction industry. You can read the discussion below:


What is it you like most about your position as Assistant...


Virtual Training Helps to Deliver Consistent Job Site Safety Standards

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Technology and the internet have made the world smaller—in some cases.


For the world of building construction, distance still poses challenges. Completing projects requires skilled craftspeople to be in place on location. The concern for contractors remains ensuring workers on a jobsite—often long distances from the corporate office—receive the proper safety training. For companies like...


Project Safety Matters in Dollars and Cents

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In 1933, when construction began for the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, California, planners set the project budget at $27 million. In terms of safety, that meant a total of twenty-seven workers would lose their lives completing the project because one worker death per $1 million in allocated budget fell within the expectations of safe work conditions. By modern standards that number...