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Think Tank Summer Series: Revamp Your Water Reduction Plan

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Do you remember those seemingly unsolvable word problems in grade school math? If not, here’s one to jog your memory.

If 71% of the globe is covered in water, 1% is accessible for human consumption and the global population is 7 billion in 2015, how much fresh water will be left once the population hits 9 billion in 2048?

Stumped? Most people are. Unfortunately, these are real statistics,...


Why Innovative Manufacturers Conduct Utility Audits

Categories: Innovation, Consumer Products, Energy


“May I have an audit?”When was the last time you asked that question? For most, the question is usually phrased, “Why do I have to be audited?” Luckily, in this case, we aren't talking about a tax audit. We are referring to an audit that you actually want because it saves you money – a utility audit.According to several reports, the United States leads the world in energy waste. The country...


5 Questions with Design Expert Chris Flagg

Categories: Quality, Innovation, Ahead, Expert Interviews


Chris Flagg, Director of Design in Haskell's Municipal and Education Division, takes a moment to answer five questions about key issues for municipal and post-secondary professionals and how the right approach can relieve their challenges. Read the recent news release about Chris here.Enjoy this conversation with Chris.1. What do you see as the biggest challenge for municipal clients in...


Recent Food Recalls Shed Light on the Importance of Facility Design

Categories: Food Safety


If you’re a food manufacturer, the spotlight is directly on you right now. With the recent Blue Bell Ice Cream recall, you should start preparing yourself for more consumer and government inquiries about your processes. How will your facility address this increased scrutiny?

In many cases, plant managers often associate food safety with proper product handling, diligent pathogen testing or...


The Ambiguous Gap Between Identifying and Mitigating Risk

Categories: Innovation, Consumer Products, Manufacturing


When you need an oil change, you know you need an oil change.  

Your car flashes a light at you on the dashboard. You see that expired sticker glaring at you every time you step foot inside your car. So what do you do? You may change it immediately or like many others, you wait. You don’t wait because you view it as unimportant; you wait because it’s hard to define the urgency. Your car...


PDC Summit 2015 Speaker Recap with Mark and Michelle

Categories: Healthcare


Every year, Haskell attends the ASHE PDC Summit, but this year the team attended the annual conference with FreemanWhite for the first time since their huge announcement last year. Not only did the newly expanded team network and learn, they gave back by teaching attendees as well.FreemanWhite's Mark Furgeson and Michelle Mader spoke in two presentations in a new PDC session track, ...


With Risk Comes Reward, Right?

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Optimization Tools: The New Standard of Facility Effectiveness

Categories: Processing and Packaging, Innovation, Simulation


What if shifts in consumer demand drive your organization to manufacture a new trending product? What if you need to build a new facility, but are unfamiliar with where to locate?Would you put your facility's effectiveness in jeopardy by making a decision before evaluating all possible solutions? You don't have to.


FreemanWhite Delivers Value to Executives at PDC Summit 2015

Categories: Healthcare



3 Keys to Navigating Change Orders

Categories: Quality, Ahead


When a scope is clearly defined and everything is planned perfectly, you can usually breeze through a project without any change orders. However, this is not always the case. What if your budget is suddenly cut? What if you realize something you need is not included in your scope? A change order is probably awaiting you. 

Change orders are only scary if you do not know how to handle them....


How Resilient is Your Facility?

Categories: Energy


Let’s start with the facts.

  • According to Buildings magazine, thunderstorms, hurricanes and blizzards were responsible for 679 widespread electrical outages in the last decade, 87% of which affected 50,000 or more customers.

  • It was also reported in Buildings magazine that seven of the ten costliest weather disasters in American history occurred in the last decade.

  • General Electric...


Best of Haskell 2014

Categories: Innovation, Ahead


Can you believe 2015 is here? It seems like just a moment ago, we were enjoying summer golf trips, family vacations and sand between our toes at the beach. As 2014 flew by, we posted thought-provoking blogs, new projects, breaking news, informative videos and engaging papers.You clicked. We listened.Whether you are a newcomer or a frequent visitor, join us as we look back at the Haskell...


Top 3 Takeaways from PackAGE: Waste Reduction Panel Discussion

Categories: Processing and Packaging, Innovation


During this year's PACK EXPO, Food Engineering Magazine and Haskell hosted, PackAGE, an expert panel discussion concerning packaging's future and role in waste reduction. Not only did attendees hear from notable authorities within the food and beverage industry, but they also learned about how food waste impacts manufacturers across the supply chain.

Now, here's a question. As an attendee,...


HCD Conference Session Preview: Consolidating Support Services

Categories: Healthcare


During the 2014 Healthcare Design Conference, Haskell and LeeSar will present Time to Regroup: Assessing the Value of Consolidated Services on November 17 from 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm. In this blog, you will learn more about LeeSar, the session and the speakers behind the presentation.About LeeSarLeeSar is a joint-venture between the Lee Memorial and Sarasota Memorial Health Systems. Using a...


Case Study: How 3D Laser Scanning & BIM Informed Facility Design

Categories: Innovation, Water/Wastewater


What happens when you attempt an infrastructure improvement project without full plans and specifications? 

For progressive design-builders, this is the norm and often not a concern. However, when Haskell’s Bryan Bedell and team were tasked with designing a solution without accurate measurements for a highly complex facility, they required more answers.  

They needed a way to validate the...


May I order a modular mobile clean room to go please?

Categories: Processing and Packaging, Innovation


Seemingly, we’re all on the go. People constantly find ways to do more with the same amount of time. Some people join a teleconference while responding to emails, some shave their face while driving in traffic and some even chew gum and walk at the same time. Perhaps the last example was exaggerated, but nonetheless, you get the point. 


Could you apply this idea to project delivery in the...


Upcoming Event: Waste Reduction Panel Discussion at PACK EXPO

Categories: Processing and Packaging, Innovation


During PACK EXPO 2014, Food Engineering Magazine and Haskell will host, PackAGE, an expert panel discussion concerning packaging's future and role in waste reduction. Attendees will hear from notable authorities within all facets of the food and beverage industry and have a chance to formulate solutions to issues facing manufacturers today. 


We would love for you to participate by...


5 Questions with Aviation Expert Paul Raudenbush

Categories: Expert Interviews, Manufacturing, Aviation & Aerospace


Paul Raudenbush, Senior Vice President of Manufacturing and Technology, takes a moment to answer five questions about key issues for manufacturers in today's global landscape and how the right approach can relieve common pressures. The 20+ year Haskell veteran also describes how integrated project delivery can increase speed to market and positively impact ROI for his customers. Enjoy this...


Federal Government Taking Bold Moves Toward Design-Build

Categories: Government


On June 18, 2014, the Design-Build Institute of America (DBIA) announced the award of the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) contract # GS-02F-105BA on Schedule 84 for the seamless delivery of design-build training services to the U.S. government.  

The question you may immediately ask is: why should I care? In this blog, we’ll explore why both government project owners and...


AIA Photography Contest Captures the Brilliance of Architecture

Categories: Ahead


It is one thing to witness great architecture. It is another to capture that brilliance in a single photograph. Your eyes see it perfectly, but in order for the moment to be truly captured, everything must be right before pressing that button on your camera.

Several years ago, the Jacksonville chapter of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) challenged their members to do just that when...