Haskell Presents at American Craft Spirits Association Annual Conference

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 On February 16th and 17th, representatives from craft distilleries from all over the United States will descend on Nashville, Tennessee, for the annual American Craft Spirits Association conference. Among the scheduled presenters for the event is a team from Haskell who will share advice on navigating expansion, overcoming regulatory hurdles, and increasing efficiency.


The dangers of veering off course


Whether you’re setting up a new distillery or looking to scale an existing spirits enterprise, even the smallest errors can lead to major misses in terms of end results. Lead presenter Anthony White, Division Leader in Beer, Wine, and Spirits for Haskell, uses the analogy of sailors crossing the Atlantic to exemplify what he sees as a common miscue for distilleries.


“If you’re a novice sailor crossing the ocean and your plotted course is off by five or ten percent, by the time you get across the sea those miscalculations will add up and you’re going to completely miss your destination,” said White. “But an experienced sailor with good technology can better anticipate and navigate obstacles to stay on track.”


White and his team from Haskell, which includes Director of Business Development Alisha Moss, Senior Process Engineer Chris Dreyer, Engineering Manager Tina Sanchez, and Master Distiller Rob Masters, believe with their guidance the pitfalls of upstart and growing distilleries can be avoided.


What are the pitfalls of craft distilleries?


Although most distilleries are experts on the production side of their business, the ultimate success of their enterprise often relies on other factors that are harder to navigate.


“Professional distillers are very good at what they do, but they’re not necessarily professional contractors,” said White. “They sometimes underestimate the complexity of building a production facility. We can fill those gaps between key stakeholders to make sure that municipal regulations, fire codes, and forecasted costs are met.”


Haskell serves up expertise from experience


Although the craft distillery boom is still a relatively new phenomenon in the U.S., Haskell brings a depth of experience and expertise to the industry. The company has previously completed projects with giants in the spirits business including Jim Beam and Diageo, producer of popular brands including Tanqueray, Captain Morgan, Crown Royal, Baileys, and many others.


Haskell has also played a role with smaller boutique projects such as the Bently Heritage Distillery in Nevada and Song Dog in Washington, D.C. This experience at both ends of the spectrum makes the Haskell team seasoned veterans able to minimize capital expenditures while maximizing production efficiency -- all while meeting critical deadlines along the project management timeline.

It helps that Haskell brings experts in all areas of the production process to the table. From designers and engineers to construction and analytics professionals, Haskell can fill out the team of any boutique distillery with knowledgeable consultants.


Stay on course and meet your mark


“If you’re navigating the journey alone, you’re going to wind up making expensive changes at the end of the process to get back on track,” said White. “With our team and our project management experience, we have checkpoints along the way so that we can make small, more affordable, adjustments that keep us on course.”


If you’re attending the American Craft Spirits Association conference in Nashville, make sure you participate in the Haskell presentation at 1:00 p.m. on Friday, February 17th, or stop by the Haskell booth to speak with the team directly.

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