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5 Questions with Energy Division Leader Don Kartzmark

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5 Questions with Energy Division Leader Don Kartzmark


Don Kartzmark, Haskell Energy Division Leader, takes a moment to discuss the power solutions his division provides for hospitals, manufacturers and other facilities that use a large volume of energy. Take a moment to learn more about his division and how his team helps clients reduce their costs and carbon footprint. 

What do you see as Haskell’s key competitive advantage or differentiator when it comes to serving the energy industry?

Since we’re an integrated firm with the ability to deliver a facility from concept through construction and commissioning, we understand all the aspects of a successful project; therefore, our key differentiator is our evaluation process. Our team evaluates how our clients use energy, where they use energy and what type of energy is being used. Then, we offer a tailored energy solution to help the client improve their bottom line and reduce their carbon footprint. Ultimately, our expertise in design-build allows us to accurately match and provide pricing for a detailed solution to solve our customers' energy problems.

What is an energy study and what are the advantages of completing one for a facility?

We send a team of evaluators to a facility for two to five days depending upon the complexity of the problem and evaluate how the client uses energy. We take the time to answer questions like: 

  • Are they using natural gas? 

  • Are they using gas to make steam? 

  • What is their electricity consumption?

  • How are they using electricity?

Once we answer these and other detailed questions, we determine what the best solution is for our client’s facility. We define the best way for them to generate their own electricity, capture waste heat off of their prime mover (turbine, engine) and deploy that waste heat into their process. This process allows the facility to reduce the amount of either fuel or electricity they are purchasing from their local utility. 

With the findings from the evaluation, we complete a Payback Analysis that illustrates the customer's return on the potential investment. The advantage is that the energy study gives the customer the power of information before making a facility investment. 

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What do you find most interesting about the energy industry? 

The technology involved in energy is really cool. It’s interesting to see how placing the right equipment in a facility can not only reduce our customers' costs by millions of dollars, but can also do something that benefits the environment. There are a lot of win-win scenarios within energy. 

Generally, what problems does your team solve for clients?

Overall, we help our clients find the best solution to efficiently utilize energy. Depending on the facility, some solutions call for creating the energy onsite and others may call for converting to some means of power generation. We ultimately help our customers reduce costs and their carbon footprint. In a nutshell, there’s no reason to do a project absent those two things.

As you know, energy is a huge market, but Haskell has focused our problem-solving in these three energy submarkets:

  1. Combined heat and power

  2. Independent power production (non-utility company selling power to utilities)

  3. Wood pellet manufacturing plants

What do you see in the future of energy? 

Two thoughts come to mind. First, with the reduction in natural gas prices, I think there will be a continued push away from coal-fired power generation toward the conversion to and deployment of natural gas-fired technologies to make energy and electricity in the United States. This should provide opportunities for large energy consumers to self-generate and take advantage of Combined Heat and Power efficiencies.

Secondly, I think there will be a continued push to renewables. The key renewables are solar power, wind power and biomass power. Particularly, with our expertise in biomass power through wood pellet manufacturing facilities, we have and will continue to take a leadership position in this market.

Are you interested in having your facility evaluated for an energy study or learning more about our energy solutions? Contact Don Kartzmark by email,, or by phone, 904.357.4882 to start discussing your options. 

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